Siobhan Wallace

Drawing on themes of identity and personhood, Siobhan's work examines societal hierarchies and the subjective assertion of self. Inspired by her Nan’s personal collection, she utilises her own biological data to create nameplate jewellery, which playfully explores how the invisible information that makes her who she is can be externalised and articulated. Through this, she interrogates not only the perception of who she is, but how we all perceive each other. What are the implications when the data that defines us is made visible, and what might we choose to omit?


Interpretative text by George Townsend-Teague

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Swarovski Foundation Scholarship (Winner) London- 2020

Theo Fennell guilded youth

(Winner) London - 2018

Worshipful Company of Leathersellers 

(Winner) London - 2018

J&J Bursary

(Winner)London - 2017

Uncut Gems

92Y New York, NY 10128

 January 2021 - Present


Crafts Council Future Edit 
Crafts Council Gallery, London  
December 2020 - January 2021

UAL Graduate showcase
Online at
 July  2020 - Present 

Shelf-awarable for Munich Jewellery Week
Vitsoe showroom, Munich

March 2018 


London, UK